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This month a group of us were thinking about the necessary things in life. We all need food, and shelter, of course. Clothes to keep us safe from the elements, and supportive people in our lives to help us keep going when the going gets tough. I’m very grateful to have all of those things in my life! We’re blessed with the chance to strive beyond just maintaining the bare necessities, which has me thinking about the over-and-above things that we sometimes take for granted…

I started out as a photographer long before I had kids. I worked long, crazy hours, and completely burnt myself out. I barely picked up my camera for years! When E was tiny I took photos of him, but still not much more than snapshots really, on my little point and shoot digital camera. I barely picked up my “big girl (film) camera”! And then, horror of horrors, my computer hard drive died and I lost all of my digital photo files. Gone. All that I have left of my little guy’s early years are photos that I had emailed to people, or copies of a few prints that I had made for grandparents. Now of course I have multiple backups, and make sure that all my files are looked after, but it has left me playing catch up! I find that now I want to take pictures of our everyday, the little things we do as well as the more traditional portraits. That’s what lifestyle photography is all about- capturing the real you in your real surroundings. It is one of my necessities now. I want to be sure that my kids can look back on all the fun things we did, as well as the day to day things. This is our life. I want to record it!

I’ve also been thinking about education. Our daughter is set to start Junior Kindergarten in September, our son is in grade 6. He is lucky to have a spot in a really great programme through the public school system, that helps him thrive despite some of his struggles, so that he can work towards achieving his potential. There are many other families who would love to have their kid where mine is, so we can’t allow ourselves to take it for granted. So, homework it is. Lots of it, sometimes! It’s a necessary evil though, right?


At this point I hear “Mum? You’re really distracting…” So that’s my cue. I’m done taking photos for today…

Ihis little post is part of the Keepin’ it REAL blog circle, contributed to by a group of wonderful photographers from all over North America. Take a peek at what they’ve considered a Real Necessity this month by starting with Jody Mack Photography, Charleston & Mount Pleasant Lifestyle Newborn & Family Photographer.

And I’d love to hear what you feel is a Real Necessity for you and your family… tell me about it in the comments below!

Till next time…

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  • Katie B - Love this Sarah! Although homework may be a necessary evil your images make it look good 😉ReplyCancel

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