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Letters to Our Sons #4

Fun Ottawa Kids Lifestyle Photography by Closely Knit Photography

Dear E,

Spring has sprung! Hooray for that! We’ve all spent so much time in close proximity to each other through the winter that now we all seem to be stretching out our arms and throwing our heads back to soak in the sun and breathe deeply. What a relief.

This is just a short note this time, since with the coming of spring there has been A LOT to do outside to make up for the lack of prep we did before winter, and not a lot of time to sit and write. I’ll come up with something better next time, I promise! I secret handshake swear!

I got to stick around and watch you play tennis last weekend, which was so cool! Normally it’s a Dad thing, but since I didn’t have to be at the pool I took the chance to take my camera to catch you in action. Of course that meant you were being silly, but that’s ok- I know you were having fun. I just wish I had thought to take my longer lens…

Playing Tennis in the Carleton Bubble

I’m really looking forward to when you start playing in the spring baseball season, too. I know you love that, and I am sure that this year will be great! You were so proud of yourself when at the tryouts you caught EVERY fly ball that came your way, since last year the fly ball was your nemesis. You’ll get it this year for sure! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s tennis time now… maybe this year you’ll convince me to get out onto the court with you?

What a Backhand

I’m not so sure! With that stroke you’re sure to “crush [me] like a grape”…! Yes, even though you’re goofing around with some weird backhand action in that shot. It won’t be hard. Just ask Nanny… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Love you love you love you my great big kid. Always will.

Mum xoxo

If you liked this little letter to my boy, please head over to Becky’s blog to read her letter to her little man Sebastien. It looks like they had a lot of fun this Easter! Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to leave some love in the comments.

Till next time…

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