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Letters to our Daughters #4

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Here’s another instalment in the “Letters to” series. I hope you enjoy these little glimpses into life with my crazy crew! I know I’m really enjoying getting to know the other photographers in the circle through our letters. I hope if you have a moment you’ll click through to the link at the end of this post to see what they’re up to too.

Ottawa Area Children

Dear Chublet,

It’s been a while since you’ve had a letter all to yourself, so let’s fix that now. We spend a lot of time together, you and I, and even though I whisper “I love you” in your ear and gobble up your tummy and zrbtt that spot at the nape of your neck there’s still a lot that’s left unsaid…

We just got back from our first big adventure as a family of four when we went to England for two weeks. I’ll write a full post about that, for sure, but I want you to know how proud we were of you on the trip! You were really great on the flight on the way over, and you put up beautifully with all the train travel we did while there.

Travels by Train

You slept well, and you got along with your brother, and you really enjoyed yourself! Hooray! I know that in time your memories of the trip will leave you, replaced by new memories of new experiences, but with any luck the photographs of the trip will at least let you see and appreciate all the fun we had. Oh, and don’t expect photos of our flight home… that’s when you decided you’d had enough. I’m afraid you turned into THAT KID on the flight. Yup- squirming, pinching, shouting, seat kicking, messing with your brother… then howling at the top of your lungs! Oh man. I think the rest of the people on the plane must have wanted me to smother you! You finally fell asleep on me for an hour or so, and I was so worried that you’d wake up that I let my arm and my hip fall asleep! Whew! I’ve never been so happy to be home… Good thing we love you! 😉

Lately you’ve been fascinated by beauty routines. You watch me putting on makeup and want to do the same, and you even steal away to go rummaging through my makeup case! You really really really want to wear nail polish, and were delighted when we found some nail polish that I’d let you wear. It’s non-toxic, it peels off so I don’t need to use nail polish remover, and best of all? It has Hello Kitty on it!! But would you let me do your nails for you? Oh no… you had to do them yourself. I’ve scarcely seen you so determined!

This is so her. Top pulled down around her waist, hair everywhere, filthy hands and nails after digging in the dirt, but she

Finally, just before going away we had you get your first hair cut. I was pretty nervous about how you’d take to it, but I needn’t have worried at all. You loved it! Mind you, what kid wouldn’t? We went to Pretty Handsome, and let me tell you they have it all figured out. Really cool chairs to sit in, bubbles for you to blow, and an iPad for you to play on! Total luxury, kid-style!

First Haircut at Pretty Handsome

And the best part? You loved your new haircut. Bliss!

Happy Haircut at Pretty Handsome

We’ve been having a lot of fun this summer, and a lot of new experiences, but also, alas, some bummer times too. You were so sick last week, and fell asleep just about anywhere. I have to admit, as awful as I feel for you when you’re sick, I do love the quiet times that are so rare around here. Especially when you fall asleep on the couch in some lovely light.

Sleepy Girl

I love you love you love you my girl, and always will.

Mum xoxo

As I said above, if you have a moment I invite you to have a click around our little circle. You can start with Sara of Sugar Lens Photography in Newmarket!

Till next time…

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