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Can you believe it’s already April?! Hooray! Now to be sure, I don’t hate winter, but by the time we get to the end of March I’m pretty much done with it. I’m ready for some warmth! I want to be able to leave the house without stuffing a toddler into her snow suit, without the added bulk of my own winter coat, and without the clunky boots! Thank goodness for our little escape to Arizona last month…

Since we’re now into April it’s time to show off some of my favourites from March’s Daily Photo Challenge. It’s blog circle time again! I should come clean that I wasn’t able to keep up throughout the month. We used a really neat list from so I was kind of bummed that I couldn’t get it all done, but we’re planning on revisiting the same list later on in the year, so at least I’ll get to have another shot at it!

Here we go…

Rule of Thirds

High Angle

Dynamic Tension

Harris Shutter

Self Portrait

That last one is a tough one for me to share… I, like so many of us, struggle with how I look in photographs. But, in an effort to broaden my horizons a little I thought I would add it in, since really, it has a dreamy, stolen moment kind of quality to it that I like. So there you have it! A few of my photos from March.

Please drop me a line in the comments- I love to hear your thoughts! Then I invite you to click through to my friend Susie’s blog to check out what she captured last month. I love the one of her son peeking out from behind the curtain. 🙂

Till next time!

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  • Catherine McAteer - Hi Sarah! I absolutely love that first one at the playground and of course the last one!ReplyCancel

    • sarahfish - Thank you! I got to be the crazy lady at the playground, with a camera, without any kids. Good thing there was no one else around! lolReplyCancel

  • Susie Kunkle-DeSha - I was done with winter too! There calling for rain, and I’m already over that too! lol. Great work this month!ReplyCancel

    • sarahfish - Ugh. The rain! At least once the snow is really gone and the weather warms up we’ll be able to splash in the puddles. I’m definitely looking forward to that! Great photo opportunities when there are puddles about… 🙂ReplyCancel

  • ShutterBEANPhotography - The last one is my favorite! You are stunning.
    The bathtub capture is pretty amazing also. Lovely shots.ReplyCancel

    • sarahfish - Thank you! It’s always a bit scary putting something out there that is so personal… I’m glad you like it too. 🙂 I had to laugh when I was taking the photo in the tub- I think my husband has given up thinking I’m crazy. He just knows it. lolReplyCancel

  • Kira - I love your first and last photos the best. You are beautiful, an amazing self-portrait.ReplyCancel

  • Christina - I agree, amazing self portrait!! Great job this month!ReplyCancel

Dear Sweet Pea,

What a month it’s been! You’re 17 months old now- almost a year and a half. I can’t quite believe it! You’ve grown so much, even since last month. And it seems I’m forever sweeping your hair out of your eyes! I do wish you’d let me put some clips in your hair to hold it back, but it just doesn’t jive with your sense of style I guess. 😉

This month we went on a great adventure to Arizona to visit your Nanna and Grandpa, and Grauntie Pat and Uncle Ron. They were delighted to have us all stay for ten days! Your Nanna was so happy to see you when we arrived that she teared right up- you certainly have that effect on people. You proved to be quite the stoic air traveler, much to our relief, and I’m sure the relief of all the other passengers in the planes! I know it was a tough sentence for you to be stuck on my lap for almost 5 hours, but we got through it, and you had a grand old time charming the flight attendants in the galley at the back of the plane. Not that you’d let them keep their labels on the carts though…

Your dad and I have decided that you must be a sun baby. You just burst out of your shell in Arizona! You took everything head on- the play structure across the street, the trails at the Arboretum, the splash pool at the house, you even took to the aisles at Macy’s like you owned the place- nothing was going to stop you! You learned to run while we were away too! But when it was time to check in and make sure that you still had your Mum when you needed me, there was no getting out of your grasp. You became at once fiercely independent and incredibly clingy. We were back to nights like we had when you were a few months old, when you wouldn’t sleep other than on me, and even then it wasn’t a guarantee. We spent almost a whole night up together, from 2am till 7am when Dad came to find us. Then there were the two nights when we had to drive around in the desert to get you to sleep. You certainly do have the courage of your convictions! It’s a wonder you were able to take everything on with so little sleep!

We’ve had a lot of fun noticing the new words you say. You’re really clear now with Mum and Daddy, and you talk about your brother all the time, too. You will pick up something if his and bring it to me saying “Bruba!”, and when we go to pick him up from school you just about launch yourself out of my arms into his. It’s really sweet to see how much he loves you too, and reaches for you and looks after you. Tonight you actually went over to him and wrapped your arms around his legs, rested your head on his thigh and went “Mmmmmmm”. You’re so glad to be back with him! Your big bro loves to teach you the names of your body parts, proudly telling us that he taught you “shoulder” or “chin”… You seem fascinated with eyes these days, and will always point out eyes in photographs, drawings, logos, our faces, your face… noses are in favour with you too, though it still sounds like “no”. A few times you’ve reached up and put your finger *in* my nose, which is pretty funny, but maybe we’ll not do that in public, ‘k? Of all the things you say now I think our favourite is from our day at the Phoenix Zoo when you picked up “Momo” for Monkey! Since we’ve been home you found Dad’s stuffed Gibbons Mojo and Nobo, and have taken a definite shine to them. I’ll have to catch a photo of you cuddling up with them. 🙂 Not to worry though, they haven’t taken over from Lily- she’s still your number one.

Sweetheart you really are a neat kid. I know it sounds silly to say that, but I think it’s true. You’re this neat little package of energy and determination, and ingenuity (did I mention you can unscrew and replace bottle tops? ) and spunk ( you’ve figured out going down the stairs, backwards, all by yourself thankyouverymuch), with a fun sense of humour (when you let it out) and a boatload of charm. You absolutely charmed everyone you met while we were away, and you do it at home to. When we’re out and about you’re happy as a clam making eyes at people. Or running and shouting, but we’re working on that… I think you’re going to keep us on our toes when it comes to guiding you along, but we know it’ll be more than worth it.

Love you love you love you my Chublet. Always and forever.

Mum xoxo

There’s more love to go ’round! I’d love to hear from you in the comments, then I invite you to click on over to my friend Susie DeSha’s blog to check out her letter to her son. She’s a photographer in Kansas City, Missouri, and does lovely work!

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  • Susie - She is something special momma!ReplyCancel

  • lynne - I need to see Chublet!!ReplyCancel

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  • KimG - So sweet and isn’t it an amazing journey we get to discover with them! So much personality and exploration that we cannot even fathom! Love those cheeks!!ReplyCancel

  • Tara - What a sweetheart! It looks like you had a lot of fun in AZ!ReplyCancel

  • amber - What a sweetheart! And what a fun age 🙂 And now I want to go to Arizona to visit my family! heheReplyCancel

  • Kate D. - Oh, my girl won’t let me put clips or anything in her hair, either! what a sweet one you have.. love her little curl!ReplyCancel

  • Carol - Love these images of your sweet girl! She is so cute!ReplyCancel

As I mentioned in my post Letters to my Daughter #1, I’ve been involved with a group of photographers online doing a series of photo challenges each month. It’s a lot of fun taking the list for the month and thinking about what I’d like to do to represent the theme for the day. It’s a nice creative push, and gives us an opportunity to work on some ideas without any pressure! We’ve put together a great little group of women who are all supportive of each other (isn’t that the best?!), and one of the things I love about the group is seeing what everyone else comes up with day after day.

We’ve decided to put together a little blog circle to show off some of our favourite photos from last month’s challenge. Once you’ve had a look at what I’ve been up to, I encourage you to go and check out the other ladies’ work. The next link is at the bottom of my post. Here we go!

Day 13- Red
Roses for the season.

Day 9- Furry Friends
Frog and Lily, my two Loves’ Lovies.

Day 15- Something You See Every Morning
My little girl, wanting to be picked up.

Day 7- Something I Look Forward To
Quiet time with a cup of tea in my favourite mug, and ginger snap cookies! These moments are few and far between, so I have to look forward to it for a long time! 😉

Day 18- Nature
Artichokes. Of course I made my mum wait for me to photograph them before we could start cooking… And they were delicious!

So there’s just a small handful of the photographs from my February challenge. Please leave me a note and let me know what you thought! I’d love to hear from you. Then I encourage you to click through to Catherine’s blog and see what she was up to with her camera in February.

Until next time…

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  • Catherine McAteer - Hey Sarah! I loved seeing these photos again all together like this. I especially loved the rose and artichokes! And of course seeing your Julia growing up! She and Margot would be two peas in a pod.ReplyCancel

  • Susie desha - Your pictures are breathtaking. Love the skilled eye you bring to our group!ReplyCancel

  • Christina - Beautiful work (especially Day 9 furry friends!)ReplyCancel

  • Kira - Found your comment button now. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos!ReplyCancel

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing a good friend’s kitchen reno “after” photos. It really was a lot of fun! There’s something about the methodical way of working when shooting architectural images that is a neat change from my usual work. Of course, it’s always great to have an excuse for a visit, too! I think the best line of the day was when I showed my friends a preview on the back of the camera and C said “Wow! I want to live there!”

If you’re doing renovations and want some great before/after images, or you’re going to be selling your home and would like to have photographs that make your home look its best and really pull people in, do get in touch. I’d love to work with you!

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In April last year I joined the wonderful group of photographers at Clickin’ Moms. I have learned a lot since joining, and I’ve gotten to know some really wonderful women through the boards and an offshoot group doing daily photo challenges. One of the ladies I’ve “met” is part of a Letters to our Daughters blog circle, and reading through their circle I was inspired to write letters to my little love.

Dear Chublet,

How I wish I had started writing to you sooner. I told myself when you were tiny that I would write to you every month, but life being what it is- each day passing slowly but the years flying by- I found myself never managing to get words down on paper to share with you when you’re older. I tried- in fact I have a handful of half-started letters- but they just weren’t perfect. Not good enough for My Girl, for whom I wanted to write eloquent letters about my amazement as I watched her grow, and my love of and devotion to her and her brother and father. But you know? That’s silly. I just need to write. So here goes.

On the day you were born I promised you 10,000 kisses before your first birthday. By 3 or 4 months I was worried that I might be falling short. You see you weren’t a cuddly baby. You wanted to be held all the time, to be sure, but you weren’t cuddly. You frowned at me. You scowled at me. Your big brother was the only one who could get you to smile. The only way you slept was latched onto me, and if I moved you, you woke. We called you The Limpet. I loved you so very much, my heart ached from the strain of holding it all, but there was precious little of the calm, alert, quiet time with you that I had been so looking forward to. Few snuggles and cuddles unless you were finally asleep after hours of my coaxing you to sleep, tears rolling down my face from exhaustion. You didn’t like me to watch you when you nursed. Was I going to break the first promise I had ever made to you? So I worked it out. 28 kisses a day. And I counted. (I was really quite worried about this!). But you know? I needn’t have worried! I was there before lunch time! You were being showered with my love and kisses, just like I had promised- I was just too tired to realise it.

We’ve had a pretty intense ride, you and I, but I wouldn’t give up any of it. You’re headstrong and full of energy, you know what you want and you work to get it. You’ve always been an intense observer, and I’m looking forward to really getting to know you and how your mind works. I’m also looking forward to watching your sense of humour develop. Now that you’ve come out of your shell and will giggle and laugh I want to learn the tricks to keep you laughing so that we can always hear that beautiful sound!

Keeping up with you often leaves me wrung out as you’re always on the go, and always up to (or into) something. Since you started walking over the Christmas holiday you’re unstoppable! You seem to love the sound of your own voice because you’re always babbling away (you have so much to say, I’m sure you think your dad and I are daft because we can’t understand!). One of the funniest things is how much of a mimic you are, parroting away with “Oh Buddy…” or “Oh WOW…!”. You say Hi and Bye, Dada (which of course came before Mum), more, no, cracker, cookie, quack quack, Lily, ball, bottle and what sounds like Bruba for brother, though we’re not sure why you won’t call him Evan… I miss how you used to say “Oh’!” or “ooOOOOoooooo!” when you liked something! I’m sure I’m forgetting some of your words, and I know that you’ll keep adding to the list by handfuls. You really are amazing.

Love I want you to know that even though I get frustrated, and sometimes I get cross, I love you to pieces and I always always will. No matter what. And I hope you know that all the times that I’m reining you in and trying to hold on to you as the remarkable little person that you are, I know that before too long, and before I’m really ready, I’ll have to let go the reins bit by bit and let you become the big girl that you will. I want to slow it all down, press pause and really drink you in so that I can remember you as you are now, as you were 3 months ago, 6 months ago… at least I know that now with these letters and photographs I’ll have help in the remembering.

Love you love you love you my Sweet Pea. Always and forever.

Mum xoxo

If you have a minute why don’t you go and check out Catherine’s letters to her daughters too.

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