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Closely Knit Photography is all about family. It’s about capturing connection, and it’s about love…

I’m primarily an on-location photographer, specialising in maternity, newborn, and family photos. For newborns sessions, I am happy to make my home studio available- and let the new parents put their feet up and relax while I do all the work!

I believe in pampering my clients, and delivering top-notch service. Right from the beginning I’m here to answer questions and help you get prepared. When it’s time to present your gallery, I’ll be right there with you to help you order. I’ll even bring my tape measure just in case!  I understand that investing in custom photography is not an everyday thing, so I want to make sure that you love your experience, and are happy that you chose to work with me as your family photographer.

As a mum I know firsthand how quickly kids grow and change. Before you know it your tiny newborn is sitting up, then in a blink they’re off to kindergarten. Next thing you know, you’re helping them navigate exams, first loves, first heartbreaks… Photographs are like time capsules. They become so, so important; especially when they’re done in a way that feels real.

Do you remember ever poring over old photo albums at grandma’s house? Did you poke through the shoebox of photos in the hall closet when you were a kid? I bet you can remember your favourite photos. One of my favourites is a photo of my mum on a swing with me in her lap when I was about 20 months old. She had her arm around me and her cheek resting on the top of my head, looking like she was lost in thought. I love the feeling of love in the photo. It’s important to me that you have photos with your family that your kids will love down the road. And that you will love right now!

I invite you to get in touch and we can talk about how I can help create beautiful images for your family.